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Dr. Howard Greenspan, DC

Aligning spines in Sheepshead Bay since 1986

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What is chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a “hands on” healing art that identifies areas of poor joint function in the spinal column where harm was done from the stresses of everyday life. The objective of the chiropractor is to restore mobile joint function to areas of the spinal column which have lost some degree of mobility over time. Identifying, treating, and correcting these regions will create healing by allowing better nerve flow. Better health and well being is now possible since nerve irritation and inflammations are reduced naturally, without the use of drugs or medications.


The primary technique used at this office is Gonstead, which is a highly effective and specific adjusting technique created by Dr. Clarence Gonstead who practiced his “Gonstead Method” for decades and taught his technique to the future generations of chiropractors. Although considered “the gold standard” of chiropractic, due to the intense training and rigorous learning process, only a small percentage of chiropractors ever master this technique. Gonstead chiropractors are specifically trained in areas of visualization, instrumentation, static and motion palpation, and full spine x-ray utilization and analysis.


Based on examination findings, a chiropractic care plan will be recommended for correction of vertebral subluxations of the spine. A vertebral subluxation is a specific misalignment of one vertebra upon the one below causing nerve energy disturbances. Gonstead methodology allows you to accurately find the misaligned segment, fix with “hands on” adjustment, and monitor the restored joint function. Care duration will vary depending on spinal history of each individual. A correction can be instantaneous if the initial problem is relatively minor. A more chronic condition may require a series of treatments to obtain adequate correction.

Why Chiropractic?

In over 35 years of practice I have now reached a conclusion that poor postural habits lead to bad spinal patterns. This will affect all neurological connections throughout the body and lead to poor health if not fixed. An adjustment, when performed accurately, can immediately begin a process of healing by changing this bad neurological pattern. An adjustment is necessary to unlock a fixated joint (vertebral subluxation) buried in the spinal column. These spinal adjustments are generally painless and most times a positive change is felt immediately after administered. So try it, you’re gonna like it!